Travel Program Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of the Methacton United travel soccer program is clear and concise:

Develop technically proficient soccer players who understand the game and make excellent decisions.

As a club, we work toward this goal with one guiding principle: help young players fall in love with the game. If we can do this at the start of their journey and captivate them with the experience, we vastly improve their chances of developing.

Stay tuned for information about 2019-2020 travel team tryouts.

Program Description

Travel soccer is more competitive than the intramural variety, and no doubt requires a greater commitment from both the player and parent. However, the game can be no less inspiring and the training no less fun.

Our program at Methacton United is unique from other travel sports, such as baseball and basketball. When players want to play, when players want to learn, we provide them the developmentally appropriate opportunity to do so. At every age group, we have teams that span ability levels, all driven by a love of the game and a desire to be better.

Travel Soccer Program Fees

Full-year costs for our travel program generally range from $800 to $1200 per player (or higher depending on how active a team is), depending on the teams level of play, the number of tournaments they enter, and their winter and spring plans. 

Travel Changes for 2018-19

Travel fees are being held flat. The only change you will that all team fees will be charged up front for the season: the $475 team registration fee, plus expected team expenses.

Registration fees for the 2018-19 travel season are as follows. As always, travel registration fees may be paid in monthly installments.

Age Group U7-U8 DDP U9 Travel U10 and older
Registration Fee Full Year: $ 350
Summer/Fall: $ 225
$ 475
+ Team Expenses
$ 475
+ Team Expenses
Summer / Fall
Professional Training
2x per week
Begins July 10 Begins July 10 Begins June 9
ADVANCE Festivals 4 N/A N/A
Intramural Soccer N/A N/A
Tournament Fees* N/A Minimum 3 Minimum 3
Fall Travel League Fees N/A
Fall Referee Fees N/A
Professional Training
Winter Academy (weekly)
Professional Training
Spring Academy (weekly)
ADVANCE Festivals 2 N/A N/A
* Tournament fees can vary widely. Approximate costs were used.

In order to assist each family in their financial planning, each of our travel teams prepares their anticipated playing schedule for the coming year and estimates their team expenses and player assessments.